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"Speaking things", the project, satisfies the desire to know a new city, that you have never seen before. The project wants to discover a new urban reality asking the collaboration of every citizen. The citizens will be actively involved in the project giving one of their belonging and then explaining its affective value and/or symbolic value. Collecting the objects will be the first point of contact between the artist and the people, and a first approach to the place. When enough object will be collected for every district and neighbourhood the artists will position them. The whole roof of the gallery, better if it's an apartament or a flat, will be covered with a large Delft map. The objects will be placed below the streets and houses they belong to. They will be hanging with a strip of paper that will describe each story as it was described by their owners. The work will fill up the room with hanging objects that all talk about the city of Delft, anyone with its own specific message. The project will place the city of Delft in an interior space that will become domestic and warm thanks to the "speaking things". At the same time the speaking things will bring the visitor outside the walls with his mind, around every zone of the city with all the story that describe them.
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Barbara DePonti, 1975. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.
She graduates at the Fine Art Accademy of Brera and Master in Organisation and Comunication for contemporary art. Since 2000 her artist sobjectes has been interesting architettonic space, urbanistic area and the map concet. She loves to work with spolvero paper that fold and paint. But she works with another materiels too.
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The image emerges from the intersections of the folds
The figurability of Turin

Iskra Sguera Lives and works in Milan, Italy.
She had a classical artistic education. She attended the art school followed by Fine Art Accademy of Brera , Master in Visual Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design and the course of high standard training in "Outdoor Experience Design" at Poli. Design di Milano. She approached graphic design in 2000, working with many graphic and advertising agencies in the Milan area. Today she is a designer.
For a Creative Outdoor, Sun.Lab'08 - Trade Show Rimini- Italy
Colors designer